A biography of james gregory a scottish mathematician and astronomer

But all this even, and the algorism, as well as the art of Pythagoras, I considered as almost a mistake A biography of james gregory a scottish mathematician and astronomer respect to the method of the Hindus. Like Blake, he would be a stern critic of kings, state and church.

Linguistics may seem an unlikely qualification for a "great mathematician," but language theory is a field of mathematics. Eudoxus' work with irrational numbers, infinitesimals and limits eventually inspired masters like Dedekind.

Vieta was renowned for discovering methods for all ten cases of this Problem. Interestingly, Ptolemy wrote that the fixed point in a model of planetary motion was arbitrary, but rejected the Earth spinning on its axis since he thought this would lead to powerful winds.

Many think that had he devoted more years to mathematics, Pascal would have been one of the greatest mathematicians ever.

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Eratosthenes of Cyrene BC Greek domain Eratosthenes was one of the greatest polymaths; he is called the Father of Geography, was Chief Librarian at Alexandria, was a poet, music theorist, mechanical engineer anticipating laws of elasticity, etc.

But the honest truth is that no one really knows how far back in time some of these poems go. The Roman city of Londinium London is founded. But all this even, and the algorism, as well as the art of Pythagoras, I considered as almost a mistake in respect to the method of the Hindus.

Building on the "neusis" non-Platonic constructions of Archimedes and Pappus, he demonstrated cube-doubling and that angles could be k-sected for any k, if one is allowed a conchoid or certain other mechanical curves.

Long before Shakespeare, Chaucer would create unforgettable characters like the Wife of Bath, the Miller and the Pardoner. Galileo once wrote "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe. Click for a discussion of certain omissions.

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On the strength of his Italian treatisesGregory was elected to the Royal Society on his return to London in and appointed to the University of St.

In this theory, a star is supposed to have passed near the Sun, pulling matter away from the Sun. Others, especially Gherard of Cremona, had translated Islamic mathematics, e. He was one of the greatest mechanists ever, discovering Archimedes' Principle of Hydrostatics a body partially or completely immersed in a fluid effectively loses weight equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.

Since the planets move without friction, their motions offer a pure view of the Laws of Motion; this is one reason that the heliocentric breakthroughs of Copernicus, Kepler and Newton triggered the advances in mathematical physics which led to the Scientific Revolution.

Eudoxus also introduced an Axiom of Continuity; he was a pioneer in solid geometry; and he developed his own solution to the Delian cube-doubling problem.

With the notable exception of the Pythagorean Philolaus of Croton, thinkers generally assumed that the Earth was the center of the universe, but this made it very difficult to explain the orbits of the other planets.

Hipparchus of Nicaea and Rhodes ca BC Greek domain Ptolemy may be the most famous astronomer before Copernicus, but he borrowed heavily from Hipparchus, who should thus be considered along with Galileo and Edwin Hubble to be one of the three greatest astronomers ever.

He derived solutions to cubic equations using the intersection of conic sections with circles. Whatever the criteria, Newton would certainly rank first or second on any list of physicists, or scientists in general, but some listmakers would demote him slightly on a list of pure mathematicians: Reber built a 9-meter parabolic reflector dish radio antenna in his yard in Illinois - it was the first radio telescope used for astronomy.

Aryabhata is said to have introduced the constant e. Aristarchus guessed that the stars were at an almost unimaginable distance, explaining the lack of parallax. According to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a "Friday the 13th" superstition before the 19th century.

Leonardo's proof of FLT4 is widely ignored or considered incomplete. The original pendulum, which was used by French scientist Leon Foucault to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth and which forms an integral part of Eco's novel's labyrinthine plot, has been irreparably damaged in an accident in Paris.

Greece was eventually absorbed into the Roman Empire with Archimedes himself famously killed by a Roman soldier. He also did work in human anatomy and medicine. Diplomacy and trade continue, but Rome has its eye set on conquest Alhazen has been called the "Father of Modern Optics," the "Founder of Experimental Psychology" mainly for his work with optical illusionsand, because he emphasized hypotheses and experiments, "The First Scientist.

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He also made important early contributions to calculus; indeed it was his writings that inspired Leibniz. James Gregory FRS (November – October ) was a Scottish mathematician and astronomer. His surname is sometimes spelled as Gregorie, the original Scottish spelling.

He described an early practical design for the reflecting telescope – the Gregorian telescope – and made advances in trigonometry, discovering infinite series representations for several trigonometric functions. James Gregory's method of infinite series and was based on h mathematician, astronomer, and vice principal of Hart Hall in Oxford, and the astronomer Edmond Halley (), Newton's Documents Similar To Anita Guerrini-The Tory Newtonians Gregory, Pitcairne, And Their Circle.

Rotas Sator. Uploaded by. cabojandi. American and British. Newton, Isaac, Place: United Kingdom, England Subject: biography, physics, maths and statistics English physicist and mathematician who is regarded as one of the greatest scientists ever to have lived.

In physics, he discovered the three laws of motion that bear his name and was the first to explain gravitation. John Henry Phys. perspect. ing a spectacular background – the physical tourist can buy the postcard on arrival in Edinburgh. The building of the New Town was a physical manifestation of the Scottish.

James Watt ( – ) Scottish engineer. Watt improved the Newcome steam engine creating an efficient steam engine Watt improved the Newcome steam engine creating an efficient steam engine Michael Faraday ( – ) – English scientist who contributed in. Or maybe you’re just curious about James Gregory’s age, body measurements, height, weight, hair color, eye color, bra & waist size, bio, wiki, wealth and salary?

James Gregory (Drumoak, Aberdeenshire, November – Edinburgh, October ) was a Scottish mathematician .

A biography of james gregory a scottish mathematician and astronomer
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