A comparison of the features of neurology and psychology

People do not imagine physical symptoms, people do not want to be ill.

Journal of Neurology and Psychology

Peer review is rarely independent — you only have to look at where they get their funding from. Several limitations of the present study should be considered.

Many times, bodily functions were approached from a religious point of view and abnormalities were blamed on bad spirits and the gods.

What Is Neuropsychology

In conclusion, this study shows that smartphone users may experience headaches, the intensity of which depends on the severity of use of smartphones. All participants underwent a thorough physical and neurological examination by the same neurologist.

Neurology and Psychology

Watson, whom he continued to work closely with after receiving his PhD. Psychologist are just new-age priesthood, consisting mostly of women this time round. The majority of work involves studying healthy humans in a laboratory setting, although a minority of researchers may conduct animal experiments.

For more information see: A more recent but related approach is cognitive neuropsychiatry which seeks to understand the normal function of mind and brain by studying psychiatric or mental illness. The pineal gland was then thought to be the very place at which the mind would interact with the mortal and machine-like body.

For example, a test might show that both patients X and Y are unable to name items that they have been previously exposed to within the past 20 minutes indicating possible dementia. Janis It might be interesting to plot alongside each disease name the date at which it was recognized as a disease.

He theorized that personality was directly related to features and structures within the brain. Clinical neuropsychologists often work in hospital settings in an interdisciplinary medical team; others work in private practice and may provide expert input into medico-legal proceedings.

Of the participants enrolled in the present study, 50 Despite this, Egyptians saw the heart not the brain as the seat of the soul. Once trained to perform a specific cognitive task these networks are often damaged or 'lesioned' to simulate brain injury or impairment in an attempt to understand and compare the results to the effects of brain injury in humans.

As a neuropsychologist I am trained to evaluate how the brain is working. The first textbook defining the field, Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology, was initially published by Kolb and Whishaw in This section does not cite any sources.

His works and theories that follow are summarized in his book Brain Mechanisms and Intelligence. Could you please help me. Paul Broca[ edit ] Inspired by the advances being made in the area of localized function within the brain, Paul Broca committed much of his study to the phenomena of how speech is understood and produced.

These disorders are managed by a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Human work in this area often takes advantage of specific features of our nervous system for example that visual information presented to a specific visual field is preferentially processed by the cortical hemisphere on the opposite side to make links between neuroanatomy and psychological function.

Psychiatry vs Psychology: What is The Difference?

There are also conditions viewed as neurological where a person appears to consciously register neurological stimuli that cannot possibly be coming from the part of the nervous system to which they would normally be attributed, such as phantom pain or synesthesia, or where limbs act without conscious direction, as in alien hand syndrome.

Psychiatry vs Psychology After reviewing these definitions, you hopefully have a better idea of what makes these fields different. Both terms begin with the psyche, literally meaning “related to mind,” while the suffixes “logy” refers to science and “iatry” to treatment. There are sometimes unclear boundaries in the distinction between disorders treated within neurology, and mental disorders treated within the other medical specialty of psychiatry, or other mental health professions such as clinical psychology.

In practice, cases may present as one type but be assessed as more appropriate to the other. EHR Feature Comparison Checklist Find the best EHR software system for your small practice Selecting the right EHR software is one of the most important decisions you.

Since the field is research intensive, those planning on a career in neuropsychology will likely choose degree programs that emphasize research over other aspects of psychology. For those just beginning their schooling, an undergraduate degree in both psychology and biology can be helpful.

The fields of psychology and psychiatry are both essential in researching and developing treatment for improving mental and emotional health.


Differences aside, psychologists and psychiatrists share a common goal: helping people feel better. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children: Clinical features and HLA-DR linkage.

Does age play a role in recovery from sports-related concussion? A comparison of high school and collegiate athletes.

A comparison of the features of neurology and psychology
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Avens Publishing Group - Headache in Smartphone Users: A Cross-Sectional Study