Comparison between lennie smalls and isaac statchard essay

He lumbers like a bear and has the strength of a bear, but his actions are often described like those of a dog. Curley, who wears fancy boots, quickly starts picking on Lennie, who refuses to speak.

George takes care of Lennie and makes the decisions for him. While George never really believes in this farm, Lennie embraces it with childlike enthusiasm. Where George has sharp features and definite lines, Lennie is "shapeless. Animal Lennie Described as an Animal Animal 1: Curley enters soon after, again looking for his wife.

During the fight between Curley and Lennie, both dog and sheep are used to describe Lennie: George declines, saying he and Lennie are trying to save money. After talking to George and Lennie and seeing their friendship, Slim is impressed.

Lennie only defines them in terms of consequences: He tells Lennie that if he gets When the boss asks about their skills, George speaks for Lennie.

There is a childlike wonder in Lennie that can be seen when he first sees the pool of water and slurps down huge gulps of water like a horse.

Lennie drinks huge gulps from a pool of standing water next to the river. Lennie imagines that he Curley thinks Lennie is also laughing at him, though Lennie was just smiling while thinking of tending rabbits George demands the mouse. In petting dead mice, Lennie is doing something that makes him feel safe.

Their farm is a place where they can live together, have animals, grow their own crops and, in general, feel safe. Lennie goes off to find firewood. George keeps the dream out in front of the huge man as a goal: Slim says she gave birth to nine puppies, but Page Number and Citation: Throughout the novel there will be many such comparisons, and also occasional comparisons to children and the insane.

Therefore, it is significant that Steinbeck immediately mentions an animal when he first describes Lennie. He falls to his knees and slurps water from the river, just as a horse might, or a dog drinking water from a bowl. Lennie, frightened, begs to George admits that at first Lennie tries to hide his mouse from George, but it is no use.

Of Mice and Men Topic Tracking: In terrible fear, Lennie nearly attacks Crooks. Here we have the image of a man who is not intelligent enough to check if the water is fresh, but who also drinks in a very animal-like fashion. He is innocent and mentally handicapped with no ability to understand abstract concepts like death.

George reminds Lennie about their plans, but stops when he notices Lennie has little memory, but the story of their dream is one he knows by heart.

Notes on Of Mice and Men Themes

The first time we see Lennie, he is immediately compared to an animal:. George 's companion. Lennie is huge and immensely strong, but a mental disability makes him entirely dependent on George, especially after his Aunt Clara dies (before the novella begins).

Lennie is the most innocent, gentle, and kind character in the novel, and his sole dream is to tend rabbits and live off the "fatta the lan'" on a farm that he and George. Essay on Lennie in Of Mice and Men Words | 8 Pages. Lennie is a victim of this society and time because he is simpleminded Of mice and men Lennie is a victim of this society and time because he is simpleminded and there were no special centres to send him to at this time in America.

Of Mice and Men is the story of a section the quest of two men, George and Lennie, to fulfill the American Dream. In the end, Lennie accidentally murders a woman and George is forced to shoot him.

His fellow ranch hands soon follow after, and George is 5/5(6).

Lennie Small 'Of mice and Men' Essay

I believe Lennie Smalls is les cleaver than Isaac Scatchard due to Lennie requiring George to live. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and The Ostler by Collins Dreams play a crucial role. Lennie used dreams as a way of inspiration where as Isaac Scatchard’s life was dictated by a dream he had, had in a hotel.

Lennie Small 'Of mice and Men' Essay. Steinbeck uses many different descriptions of Lennie Small in the novella - Lennie Small 'Of mice and Men' Essay introduction. Often compared to animals, one of the first descriptions of him is him being compared to a bear. Comparison between Lennie Smalls and Isaac Statchard These two texts, “Of Mice and Men” and “The Ostler”, seem extremely different when you read them through.

Once you have thought about them though, they do have many similarities.

Comparison between lennie smalls and isaac statchard essay
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