Uptake of cervical screening health and social care essay

How district health authorities organise cervical screening. Cervical cancer screening beliefs among young Hispanic women. Am J Public Health.

Thus, prevention strategies are largely targeted at preventing HPV infection or preventing disease progression for those who are infected.

At present, screening strategies for cervical cancer have not been altered for females who are HPV vaccinated 6. Uptake of cervical cancer screening: European Journal of Cancer Care. Results Sociodemographic characteristics The sociodemographic characteristics of the study population are shown in Table 2.

The examples given were only those from London, and although the actions taken are said to have a wider reach in the community, one begs to differ. Cervical screening uptake and its predictors among rural women in Malaysia.

These recommendations are similar to the guidelines in many developed nations. Essay UK - http: Please see a map below of the Central Campus. Scand J Soc Med. Anxiety caused by abnormal result of cervical smear test: Solid waste is the term used to describe non-liquid waste materials arising from domestic, trade, commercial, agricultural, industrial activities and from public services.

Sociological factors affecting use of cervical screening tests. This study also found that attitudes regarding consequences of not receiving a Pap smear were associated with screening uptake.

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We should, however, be cautious about attempting more intense recruitment strategies across different regions of the United Kingdom — again, there is no one strategy with proven benefit in different contexts. This means that expected years of life gained or expected improvements in health and wellbeing are valued in terms of currency.

Research on targeting low-uptake groups has typically used customised approaches and, on balance, shows a beneficial effect — for example, strategies such as tailored telephone counselling seem to improve uptake Luckmann et al, Applying exclusion and inclusion criteria agreed upon by the author and supervisor papers with content relevant to the research topic were then isolated.

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Health literacy is also an important determinant; the messages in cervical cancer screening recruitment materials are relatively complex, and strategies targeting invitees with limited health literacy require careful design and, ideally, flexibility in recruitment procedures Giordano et al, In addition, these features are grouped and eventually aggregated in such a way that a set of evaluation criteria arises.

We have the opportunity with a new programme to trial new, tailored and culturally appropriate approaches to these groups, and there is currently a great deal of research activity and innovation in this area.

GIS also may be a philosophy, a way of making decisions within an organization where all information is held centrally and is related by its location. We should, however, be cautious about attempting more intense recruitment strategies across different regions of the United Kingdom — again, there is no one strategy with proven benefit in different contexts.

The bibliographies of selected publications were scanned and titles cross-referenced to ensure relevant studies were not missed out in the database search. The search was completed in July The economic impact of screening HPV vaccinated populations is analytical information that health policy makers require for the formulation of effective, evidence-based strategies.

This adds to a growing body of literature showing that we need to invest extra efforts in reducing inequalities in cancer screening uptake. Reducing structural barriers to accessing services e. It applies to a decision rule based on a threshold cost effectiveness ratio.

ICERs measured most often in cost per QALY gained reflect the incremental cost required to sustain one unit of benefit gained from a particular intervention compared to another.

Williams M, Amoateng P. East Afr J Public Health. There were no significant differences in the distributions of other cervical cancer risk factor categories.

J Health Soc Behav. The Public Health Sector offers a variety of health services at little to no cost to the patient, whereas services are more costly in private facilities.

Data regarding cost effectiveness of interventions analysing vaccination alone or screening alone was not extracted as it was irrelevant to the research question for this review.

Patients are assumed to reside in one of a finite number of health states at any point in time and make transitions between those health states over a series of discrete time intervals or cycles.

Uptake in cancer screening programmes: a priority in cancer control

cervical cancer screening rates were higher among women who received mailed invitations followed by telephone counseling and assistance making screening appointments than women in a control group receiving usual care (no invitation or counseling). Screening for Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer Jane Wardle University College London the health care system of the country, with invitation sys- riers to cervical screening uptake, particularly in less de-veloped countries.

The recommended age range for and. In developing countries, inadequate access to effective screening for cervical cancer often contributes to the high morbidity and mortality caused by the disease.

The largest burden of this falls mostly on underserved populations in rural areas, where health care access is characterized by transport. Published: Wed, 14 Jun It was not until that the NHS cervical screening programme began; since then it has proved to be a successful scheme in the detection and prevention of cervical cancer saving lives per year (NHS Cervical Screening ProgrammeCare Commission ).

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common malignancy affecting women worldwide, accounting for nearly 10% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) and aboutdeaths annually (% of all female cancer deaths) (1).

The acceptance of the offered screening is positively influenced by better access to screening facilities, health consciousness of the invitees, and the quality of pre-screening information.

Uptake of cervical screening health and social care essay
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Factors Associated with the Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women in Portland, Jamaica